Good Bye Lnd!Eine sehr angenehme Rückfahrt mit Tom. Von Deptford nach Dover nach Dünkirchen und Karlsruhe in 12,5 Stunden. Zwischenstopp im supermarché superlative in Frankreich für eine Ladung Sekt, Rotwein und Wildschweinpastete.

Best weather to lie in the sun and write some last letters. In the evening was Martin’s Birthday in The Chandos pub and later we went together to the Price’s Cinema to watch the new japanese Animation film Akira. In The Chandos I met Sophie a good friend of Martin and we found out that she studied the same as I did in Camberwell College but 20 years ago. After one last beer with the hard core of 4 and a vegetarian Roll with Sakura we took the last train back home from Charing Cross.

Two birthday boys in Chandos unwrapping their presents ;-)

Keith invited Mario, Gerry and me for lunch to his luxurious house in the heart of Deptford. Surprisingly his parent were there as well because they want to stay in London for easter. The lunch was a little spicy for me but the strawberry tarts at the end compensated this completely. Mario and Gerry had come back from Italy the day before, Keith had a jet lack from Boston and I had a tiny hangover from the party at the night before. Keith’s parents were really nice and told me everything about their ancestor research they have started half a year ago. Later on we went to a Cocktail party on Deptford High Street, to St- Paul’s Church in Deptford and to our garden. I will definitely miss them all! I promised Mario to watch Casa Blanca.

Dario’s Birthday party in Brixton was fantastic. The live bands played in the living room and my favorite drummer Russel was there as well. Unfortunately Martin coudn’t come but Natalia, Esme, Pierre, Drew and I had enough reason to dance as it was maybe the last night together for this year. Anyways my last Saturday night in London for a while.

Martin and I went to Utrophia for the private view ‘Don’t throw it all away’ by Brigette Ashton.and later to a 90’s Birthday party on Camden’s boat in Deptford Creek. Krissa came a little later cause of zickenterror in there flat. We met Pierre and two guys who showed us the perfect dance style.

Yakoi Kusama at Tate Modern was like a feel good exhibition in the not quiet right environment. The distance to the viewers didn’t fit to the close art works of Kusama. Nice optical spaces and unforgettable patterns and colors in every room. Touching the people without screaming phrases and rules. Kusama shows nature, joy, patience, infinity, freedom and captivity at the same time and in every work.

Here is the ultimate strawberry dress, Krissa and I found in Regent’s street. We went on top of the Fashion College at Oxford Circus and later on for a beer to the Royal Albert in Deptford. Krissa’s wearing her new hat she bought in Top Shop. Suits well!

Beata, Natalia and I met the last time in College. Afterwards we went to “the castle” were we had the most cheap and delicious lasagna in Camberwell while chilling in old couches in the sun. Natalia and I went to Telegraph Hill Park were we started editing the Interview with Llloyd Northover. In Rockynat’s place we went on working on translations and the interview cutting till sun set. I met Ed one of Nat’s flat mates and he told us everything about his BA process in Goldsmith’s. He’s doing a really interesting project in Haygate by Elephant & Castle with some freerunners.